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Care and Cleaning

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The best way to clean your new eyewear is to use a spray cleaner specifically made for eyeglasses and a clean microfiber cloth. If your eyeglasses have noticeable particles on them, run them under tepid water before using the eyeglass cleaner. Occasionally you will need to use some warm soapy water to help remove oil or grease from the frame and lenses. Use a small amount of a gentle, non-moisturizing dish soap in room temperature water and rinse thoroughly.

Avoid household cleaners, especially those with ammonia or rubbing alcohol – they are not formulated for today’s advanced lens technology.

Your glasses will continue to give you the best vision with a bit of care. No lenses are scratchproof, so you’ll want to protect your eyewear by keeping them in a case when you aren’t using them. You may have seen the videos claiming that toothpaste or furniture polish will help your scratched lenses, but it’s just not true. We know life happens and your glasses will get scratched — that’s why we offer a great protection plan to our patients.

Your new eyewear will be carefully fitted by our certified opticians. Having your glasses customized for you ensures that you not only see great, but feel great too. To help maintain your ideal fit, take off your glasses with two hands, avoid leaving them in hot cars, and don’t wear them on top of your head.

If for any reason your glasses are no longer in great condition, stop into any of our offices anytime for a free tune-up. We’re always happy to answer questions about maintaining your eyeglasses.

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