It’s no secret new technology and practice trends change the optometry industry year after year. When looking far ahead into the future, what will the optometry landscape look like then? Optometry Australia released a recent report analyzing the industry in the year 2040, and just what major changes they believe are ahead.

Specializations Will Become More Prominent

The traditional Optometry practice will stay in tact, but the number of practices specializing in specific areas of care like lasik, minor surgery, and cosmetic procedures is due to skyrocket. The report stated: “The trend toward two-tiers of optometric practice – a narrower, more traditional scope of practice, and a broader ocular health practice – is expected to continue, and ‘specialisations’ may become more prominent.”

The Influence of Technology

Prevention, detection and management will be greatly affected by the increase of technology in the practice. The increase in technology will also greatly change the landscape of the routine eye exam, with many items becoming automated including the checkout process, possibly eliminating some practice office jobs.

Changes in Social Demographics

According to the OA study, it sees the optometry industry staff becoming younger and predominately female. The study also reiterated its concerns for an overabundance of optometrists working in the field, despite the research that also suggests eye related diseases are expected to increase in the years to come.

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