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March is Workplace Wellness Month

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Workplace Wellness Month

The human eye is frequently taken for granted. While people are accustomed to eating healthy foods and getting the correct amount of exercise, many rarely consider their vision health. When it pertains to our eyes, it is crucial to protect the eyesight we have been gifted. During Workplace Wellness Month, Shoreline Vision reminds everyone that office eye safety precautions are easy to employ and are indispensable to preserve long-lasting vision health.

Almost 2,000 people in the U.S. injure their eyes while working every day. Of these 2,000, one third of the injuries are extreme enough to be dealt with in the emergency room. Most injuries that take place within the workplace are because of small particle abrasions in the eye or chemical splashing. Examples of this could be: metal, wood, UV radiation burns, or cleaning products. Nevertheless, our vision can also be affected without a tragic accident or spill.

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A current survey found that computer system work alone led to 14% of clients’ reported eye problems. This number is anticipated to increase as our jobs and day-to-day activities become more computer and digital screen driven. Because eyesight can be at risk in many different ways, it is incredibly essential to be familiar with and practice proper eye safety in the office. The repercussions of refraining from doing so could lead to a precious loss of vision.

In accordance with, 10-20% of the overall amount of work related injuries will trigger permanent vision loss. They also mention that the ideal eye protection might lessen the seriousness or even prevent 90% of eye injuries in mishaps.

The Bureau of Labor Stats reports that almost three out of five work environment eye injuries are due to not wearing suitable eye protection. Whether it is safety glasses, helmets, face shields, or simply shatterproof glass, using them will protect and in many cases save your eyesight. Health care employees specifically require appropriate eye protection. Contagious illnesses can also be transferred through the mucous membrane of the eye. When there is any type of eye hazard, proper eye protection needs to be worn at all times.

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Digital Eye Stress

With a boost in digital technologies, numerous people suffer from physical pain after screen usage for longer than two hours at a time. The Vision Council describes this collection of symptoms as digital eye pressure.

More than 83 percent of Americans report using digital gadgets for more than two hours daily, and 53.1 percent report using two digital gadgets simultaneously, with 60.5 percent reporting experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain.

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Eyewear is available with lenses including digital eye strain-reducing abilities. Nevertheless, people do not need to compromise style for function when it comes to eyeglasses. These specialized lenses can be included into essentially any set of frames, so people can pick glasses that matches their individual appearance, while fulfilling their eye health needs. Shoreline Vision carries a wide variety of safety lenses and optical.

Many individuals are uninformed of the services available to combat digital eye pressure. In fact, 71 percent of Americans report they have not discussed their digital device usage with their eye care company, and 72.6 percent reported they did not know that glasses can be used to protect the eyes from brief- and long-lasting impacts of digital eye stress. In the office, technology, specifically computers, poses a substantial threat to our vision. Over-exposure to computer system screens, a typical problem during the 8-hour work day, can trigger our eyes to lose their capability to function appropriately.

To treat vision strain while still being productive, follow these suggestions:

  1. Keep the computer roughly 30 inches away from your eyes.
  2. Rest your eyes every 15 minutes.
  3. Remember to blink often. This simple action lowers dry eye and maintains eye health.
  4. Following the 20-20-20 guideline, taking a 20-second break from the screen every 20 minutes and looking at something 20 feet away
  5. Minimizing overhead lighting to remove screen glare
  6. Increasing text size on digital devices to better define the content on the screen

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