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Get Your Solar Eclipse Glasses Here!

Solar eclipse glasses

Be prepared for the Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21st, 2017!

We have received 300 pairs of solar eclipse glasses and will be selling them for $2 per pair on Thursday, August 10th. Be sure to stop in one of our locations to pick up your pair before they’re all gone!

The actual eclipse path will pass a few hundred miles south of Michigan, so over on the west side of the state we should be able to see around 85% of the sun eclipsed by the moon. This will occur around 2:20 – 2:25 in the afternoon.

Read below for a cautionary word from NASA – it’s definitely not safe to observe a partial eclipse (like the one we will be seeing) without protecting your eyes and wearing some Solar Eclipse Glasses:

The only time that the Sun can be viewed safely with the naked eye is during a total eclipse, when the Moon completely covers the disk of the Sun. It is never safe to look at a partial or annular eclipse, or the partial phases of a total solar eclipse, without the proper equipment and techniques. Even when 99% of the Sun’s surface (the photosphere) is obscured during the partial phases of a solar eclipse, the remaining crescent Sun is still intense enough to cause a retinal burn, even though illumination levels are comparable to twilight.

If you’re unable to stop in and purchase a pair of solar eclipse glasses, you can always make a Pinhole Projector to watch the eclipse.

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