About Shoreline Vision

The eye care tradition at Shoreline Vision began with five ophthalmologists forming a group practice. The formation of the group allowed the physicians to work together in offering the Muskegon and Tri-Cities residents the best possible vision care available.

For over 50 years the physicians, specialists and employees of Shoreline Vision have been providing the citizens of Muskegon, the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas premier vision care. As witnessed by the long and dedicated history in our communities, our organizational objective remains the same: to be the premier, fully-integrated regional eye care provider with the mission of preserving and improving vision.

Our Mission

To preserve and restore eyesight, both in our community and the West Michigan Lakeshore Region.

Our Value

To provide compassion, humility, and integrity in all patient and business relationships.

Our Patient Care Philosophy

To provide the highest quality of care to every patient, using the best technology, research, and continuing education for our doctors and staff.


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Shoreline Vision

Shoreline Vision

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Shoreline Vision

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